• Ms. Dema Yang Zom (National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology, Bhutan)

           Being from an Electrical Engineering background, I had limited knowledge on Remote Sensing(RS) and GIS, which hampered my daily routine works.  In order to built capacity in RS and GIS,  our Center sent some official to Geoinformatics Center (GIC),  Thailand. We feel lucky to learn from Dr. Firman Hadi Team. They have not only taught us basics but solved all the doubts we had and also taught new topics that we were interested in.  I have never seen a resource person sacrificing meals and leaving late from training room in order to fulfill all the requests of enthusiastic learners. I  personally feel that it's worth to learn from Dr. Hadi, who is working as consultant for GIC and also work in Indonesia. After returning back to Bhutan,  our team could independently map glaciers and glacial lakes of Bhutan in order to update inventory using the knowledge and skills acquired from the training.  This work was done by Bhutanese for the first time. Thank you GIC and Dr. Hadi for making us capable and proud.

  • Buyung Al Fanshuri (Balitjestro, Balitbangtan, Kementan)

          Pertama kali kenal Dr Firman Hadi pada tahun 2016, ketika saya menempuh master study di AIT Thailand. Kami mempunyai kesamaan hoby, yaitu main bola dan sering main bola bareng. Beliau mengenalkan tentang RSGIS, bahkan seminggu sekali mengajar tentang hal tsb dengan menggunakan software QGIS. Berkat beliau banyak pelajar Indonesia yg sekolah di AIT bisa mengoperasikan QGIS. Setelah saya pulang Indonesia, beliau sempat berkunjung ke Balitjestro untuk mengajar tentang RSGIS kepada karyawan Balitjestro. Senang sekali bisa kenal beliau dan berharap bisa bekerjasama lagi suatu saat nanti, serta bisa bermain bola bareng lagi 😀.